Users & Storyboard

User Profile

The anticipated user of displaid is:

  • open-minded single
  • social network-savvy (average Facebook user)
  • aged: 15-25, both gender
In order to further refine the user profile, we are creating a fictitious user persona. We’re calling them Mr. Laid.
Mr. Laid (22y) is leaving one of his least favorite computer science lectures at TU Berlin. Being not only frustrated by school, but also by is personal life, he is heading to Ernst Reuter Platz to get home to Kreuzberg. Whilst walking there, he is thinking about his miserable dating life. Since TU Berlin is the most dude-dominated place in the city, he is having a hard time getting to know any cool girls. He wants change that, but he doesn’t know how. However, he knows that female students of FU Berlin experience the same sort of problem, just vice versa.
Just when walking through the main hall of the central building he is recognizing this large public interactive display because of cover flow effect showing pretty girls. Since he is a single, he is approaching the display. He is realizing that the display is being operated by his body. Although not having sophisticated experience with public interactive displays, he has no problems with using the device because he is seeing familiar elements like cover flow (he from iOS) and buttons.
Now Mr. Laid is checking out the profile of Mrs. Disp, who created her profile at the campus of FU Berlin earlier this day with our interactive dating platform. Thanks to the ID generated by displaid, they may stay get in touch in real life. // Robert

The interaction of the user with displaid can be segmented into 4 different stages: Ambient display, implied interaction, subtle interaction, personal interaction. The two usage scenarios are “browse user profiles” and “create user profile”. Please enlarge the image below for details. // Dennis

Qualitative, explorative user interview (topics covered)

  • Demographics (age, gender, educational status, living situation)
  • Character: introvert / extrovert – spontaneous? exhibitionist?
  • Relationship situation (single? actively looking for partner? Where? If not, why? Lack of interesting ways? What would people like to see in a dating platform)
  • Social Network: Which ones used? How many details exposed there? If cautious usage, why?
  • Dating Platforms: Which ones used? How much time being invested? What are the most important criteria they’re looking for in terms of potential partners? Relevance of photos, Pros and Cons of existing dating platforms
  • Kinect Platform: Experience with motion sensors (if no: would you try?); open-mindedness to try out social network in a public environment; reaction to a large display (when in ambient mode) // Sebastian, Benjamin

Interviewed users

  • female, 24y, studying, living in a shared flat; rather introvert and unspontaneous but open in terms of social networks; single and looking for a partner
  • female, 31y, apprentice for child care, living with roommate; introvert / extrovert heavily depends on the mood; always spontaneous but not open in terms of social networks; not looking for a partner
  • male, 25y, studying, living in a shared flat; very extrovert and spontaneous person; single but not actively looking for a partner because concentrating on studies // Robert, Dennis, Sebastian

Interview findings

  • people are open for dating through a online-service, but sometimes prefer real-life dating.
  • main issues with online dating services: risk that people don’t live nearby, they charge you, psychologic tests & auto-matching unpopular, hard to get in touch with people
  • important main features for a dating service: photo album (most important!), demographic infos (age, figure, location), information on interests, proper search function, option to get in touch
  • sometimes people only want to provide edited photos / avatars and only provide superficial, generic information
  • time on social networks on average: 1.5h
  • people don’t have experience with Kinect-like input devices; but are curious to try them out! //Robert

Design modification

  • due to the fact that people are generally unexperienced in terms of using their body as a controller, the reaction of displaid to the pedestrians needs to be smooth in order not to scare of people. No super-fast movements, rather highly visible effects through change of color.
  • the service will be for free and not use any psychological tests; pictures as the dominant element will be kept due to positive input
  • a search function will be added, based on the demographics and interests people provide
  • in addition to taking a real-life picture, we will provide a library of 15 avatars (think of the Miis for Nintendo Wii) to optionally give as a profile picture; in order to lower resistance to subscribe to the service // Robert

Design principles

  1. Displaid will provide a easy to use dating experience for users in an urban, public environment, connecting singles at universities in Berlin.
  2. Images will be the dominant hook to attract users and also will be the dominant criteria to select dating partners. // Robert

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