Paper Prototype

This section of displaids blog will feature the creation & evaluation of a low-fidelity paper prototype. This is to get feedback from users in this early phase of design process – with the feedback we will react and incorporate changes to our design.

Paper prototype prior testing  // Dennis

Display in ambient mode

As the user is approaching, the display is switching to the main menu - with the options to create an ad and to view other profiles

When creating an ad, the first step is to take a picture

After taking a picture, you may check whether you're happy with it

After taking the photo, you can select your gender, age and provide info on who you are looking for

After entering all info, you can have a final look before submitting your profile to the database

When displaying an ad, you get relevant data of the showcased single and may follow up with your mobile and the provided code

Observations and user feedback

The overall feedback we got after letting our test users try out paper-displaid was really good. All subjects got the concept of displaid and were able to create their avatar. No mayor problems occurred – people liked what they saw! The main point we need to consider for further improvements is making controls obvious AND explain controls to the user. For instance:

  • How do I know that the cover flow is controlled with my hands?
  • How do I know how to use the slider for age-selection?
  • How do I know how to confirm once my hand is on a button?

Besides, we got to know that people want to have the ability to control and check their inputs. In addition, the feature of the currently important contents was emphasized. People want to concentrate on what is important right now – not what was important few seconds ago. // Robert

List of changes

In order to reflect the user feedback, we aim to incorporate the following changes to the next design iteration.

  • in order to show users how to use displaid, a shadow man in the background will show users with which motions they can trigger their next options (similar to the game “Kinect Adventures”)
  • overall we aim to reduce the number of required interactions
  • all sliders will be horizontal for consistency reasons (sliders also afford their intended usage, benefiting usability)
  • when selecting age, gender, sexual orientation; your photo will move to the far left (getting smaller). When making selections, selections already made get greyed out to focus the current point of interest
  • in addition to follow-up number code, we will provide an QR-Code
  • Progress bar for profile creation to trigger user feedback

The paper prototype resulting from these changes looks the same on camera, but will make substantial impact to the first live prototype which will be shared under the “Demo” section. // Robert


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