Idea Brainstorming

In order to come up with a project idea, we brainstormed on use cases we could think of for a public interactive display.


Displaid is a dating platform presented as an public interactive display. With displaid, we want to help people find their better half. Our product name “Displaid” – derived from the words “displayed” and “getting laid”. Because thats what dating ultimately leads to.

Even if there exist dozens of different single platforms on the internet Displaid stands out from the masses due to its innovative concept: On the one hand it allows pedestrians to interact with the system through a public display equipped with a Kinect camera. These stations enable the user to register or just browse through the Displaid database. In addition, the user profiles are accessible via our web portal (which is not part of this project). Since our members privacy is a priority, each publicly shown profile consists of a minimal set of information: first name, age, gender and a unique ID. If two people are mutually interested, they can get in touch by looking up online profiles with the provided ID.

As a result, Displaid gives both love seeking and bored people a good and valuable time. Below you can find a list of Displaids

Core functionalities

Key purpose: read and add contact ads to a dating platform through a public interactive display

“Ambient mode”

  • showing random profile pics in cover flow
  • while passing by, cover flow moves (works like “swipe” gesture on iOS)
  • when approaching, cover flow gets enlarged

“Reading mode”

  • cover flow to the left, info bar to the right (one may select the gender through a switch)
  • scroll through profile pics with gestures

“Writing mode”

  • accessible when in reading mode
  • take pictures through built-in cam
  • add personal data
  • confirmation & getting personal ID
  • “Abort action”-button

Mindmap of displaid’s functionalities

In addition, we created a mind map on the features displaid may have. Click on the image below to enlarge.


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