Heuristics & Think Aloud

Heuristics of design

We’re evaluating displaid heuristically, to come up identify open issues in terms of user experience. Aside to the Top Ten Usability Heuristics, we have defined two more project specific heuristics that seem to be appropriate for displaid:

  • proper feedback in selection-process (which element is the user selecting?)
  • Continuity in user flow & integrity with other media (clear to the user what to do next; easy to continue usage on a different device like smartphone, PC)

Furthermore, we have found some problem with regards to our set heuristics.

  • Problem feedback: the feedback during the selection-process of menu elements was not ensured. Hence, we will add a progress bar to the buttons, providing immediate feedback on the selection as soon as the user is touching an element. (Severity of problem: Frequency, impact, persistence all very high.
  • Problem Continuity user flow: Users were not easily able to continue use displaid on a different medium. to ensure a continuous user flow, we added QR codes. (Severity: High frequency, low impact, high persistence)
  • Problem User control: The cover flow process wasn’t really working. It was just hard to use – sometimes it would move way slower than you want it to move, sometimes it would not recognize the hand movement. This was fixed by tweaking the parameters for controls, to make the system more responsive to the movements and much more intuitive (Severity: High frequent, low impact, high persistence)

The screenshot below shows the new progress bars for selecting buttons, the other one shows the follow-up screen. // Robert

Central menu of displaid


Follow-Up screen

Think Aloud Study

Test Setup & User Profile

<add picture of setup> “This shows the setup we have used to test users with the “Think Aloud” method”

The two participants were asked to “think aloud” on Saturday, January 28 around noon. We did the testing at the home of one of our team members. Our first participant (male, 24y) didn’t use dating platforms before, but has some extensive experience with playing XBox 360 games, benefiting from Kinect. Our second participant (female, 21y) has experience in using serious dating platforms on websites,  never used a Kinect-like device but has experience with Wii.

Description of tasks to be performed

  • create a new user profile with your gender, sexual orientation and age
  • look at different profiles showcased in the gallery (cover flow)
  • filter the showcased profiles

Major issues, severity ratings and their associated solutions

  • Cover Flow: left hand interferes with controlling cover flow (high severity); solution: deactivate recognition of left hand
  • Age-Selection: hand needs to hover over controls repeatedly (low severity); solution: keep hand hovering over button to select age
  • Entering data 1: Cancel and OK-buttons hard to reach (medium-high severity); solution: re-adjust Kinect
  • Entering data 2: If no photo is being shot and user confirms profile creation anyways, displaid will crash (medium severity); solution: entering a placeholder

Enhanced button selection through hovering

// Dennis & Robert


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