We are an interdisciplinary team from the Berlin Institute of Technology. This project is part of the course “Mobile and Physical Interaction” at the Quality & Usability lab of our school. Here is who we are:

What do you you guys do here?

Dennis: I’m a student of Electical Engineering (Masters), minor in Quality & Usability.

Sebastian & Benjamin: We are currently doing our Masters in computer science.

Robert: I’m studying Business and Engineering, focusing on Quality & Usabilty engineering-wise.

Why did you decide to work on displaid?

Dennis: Since I have a child with my girlfriend, I personally don’t have a reason. But many of my friends got to know each other via social networks and people tend to publicize more and more about themselves. So why not a public dating platform?

Sebastian: 43% of the German population is single, so I feel this offer of doing something useful in their spare time, could be useful. Instead of standing around, people can start finding their souldmate.

Robert: One of the big benefits of this is that people find others in their area – getting a coffee together is easy and very convenient. We can design something that truly brings new people together, not like Facebook people who already know each other.

Benjamin: … and this is MUCH more interesting than other established public display scenarios, like reading the news.

Which main challenges will we encounter?

Sebastian: Clearly designing an interesting service while respecting privacy of the users.

Robert: People are used to socialized technology through Facebook, myspace & co. The challenge will be how to transfer that will to share on the internet, to the will to share on the street.

Dennis: Will people really be open enough to enter their data and submit photos? How can we create awareness amongst potential users?

Benjamin: Will we be able to integrate established online services? If yes, which services?


Here’s a photo of us, showing love and ambition about our project 😉


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