You got displaid!

Hey there,

almost all contents on our blog are up and running, we’re looking forward to the final presentation tomorrow.

All the best,

Mr. Disp and Mrs. Laid

First prototype up and running!!!

Hey everyone,

happy days! Today we “delivered” the first running prototype in class, featuring breathtaking coverflow mechanics and HOT singles. Check out the new section in the navigation. Wicked!

Stay tuned for more,

Mr. Laid & Mrs. Disp

Paper Prototype & Demo

Hey everyone,

we have finished the evaluation of our paper prototypes and are in the middle of developing the first working demo. Will share tomorrow in class, stay tuned!

Mr. Laid and Mrs. Disp

Results & Implications of user interviews

Hey everyone,

we just updated the Users and Storyboard section of our blog. Now we know what people want and learned our lessons from that. Up next week: paper prototyping!

Mr. Laid and Mrs. Disp (just married but we decided to keep our names)

Overview, user testing and storyboard

Hey everyone,

in recent days we focussed on designing displaid. We  updated all sections you may find in the top bar navigation. Check them out.


Mr. Laid and Mrs. Disp.


Displaid is a project merging the two worlds of public interactive displays and dating. In the coming weeks we will provide updates on concepting, development progress and user testing. Plus reports on all the fun we had whilst getting there.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted. Next up: Who we are and what this project is all about.